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training now. First hour EUR 20.

Robert Gouge, MSc MRICS - real estate investment professional, native English speaker, and 3-time Ironman finisher.

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the activEnglish Approach

A new concept: run/walk/hike and work on your business English at the same time.

Practice and improve your verbal English skills with a university-educated native speaker, while training with an experienced marathon runner / triathlete.

One-on-one private sessions from 60 to 120 minutes anywhere in Vienna. I can meet you at your home or office. TIP: run home from work once or twice per week!

Group sessions with up to 4 participants also available.

You set the pace! Whether it be walking, jogging, running, or any combination thereof.

Official English training, can be tax-deductible as educational / professional expenses.

Studies have shown that light to moderate physical exercise combined with learning can result in improved uptake and memory.

Areas of language specialty include finance/banking, real estate, and endurance sport.

Robert has worked in real estate investment in Vienna for 10 years, and is fluent in German. He is an English native speaker from Toronto, Canada.